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Related article: Chairs in a pool hall on Alvarado Street, had two battles brief but glorious. Nobody pays much attention to Danny. At last his wavering took him bowlegged the spring, where they were at this early hour in the morning, Italian fishermen in rubber boots to go out to sea. race antipathy sensible beat Danny. He threatened to fishermen.. " Dog dogs dogs," " Sicilian bastards," he shouted to them, "scum of the prison island," and he shouted: "Fuck your mother louse " nose pressed and made obscene gestures under your hip.. Fishermen smiled and changed the oars and said : ". ?.. Hello, Danny When have you home tonight Come around we have the new wine" Danny Cheap Avanafil was indignant. He shouted, "Put a condo without the Head. " wept. "Goodbye, Danny, see you tonight. " And he got into his small boats and paddles to start the lamp and started their engines and snorting it. Danny was offended. He Alvared the street [ 6], breaking windows, such as was gone, and in the second block, a policeman took him in hand. Danny is a lot of respect for the law to let him go quietly. When he is not discharged from the army after the victory over Germany would have been sentenced to six months. So, the judge gave him Order Avanafil only 30 days. Y and for a month, Danny sat on his bed in the prison city of Monterey. sometimes drew obscene pictures on the walls, and sometimes thought of his army professional. Time hung heavy there in the hands of Danny in his jail cell in the city. Occasionally a drunk began to at night, but the offense stalled mostly Avanafil Price in Monterrey, and Danny alone. Bugs bothered him a little Purchase Avanafil at first, but when it came to the used like it, and he became accustomed to their bites, which were peaceful. began with a satirical piece. He caught an error, pressed against the wall , drew a circle around it with a pencil and called it " MAiolos Clough. "Then s he took another, and named after the city council. Avanafil Online Soon he had n a wall with crushed insects, which are furnished in each case by a local dignitary called. it s the ears and tail are removed gave big nose and mustache. Tito Ralph, of the prison guard, was indignant, but did not complain, because Danny was not included is the judge which had condemned him or the Police. had enormous respect for the law. n One night, when the prison was alone, Tito Ralph entered the cell of Danny, the two bottles of wine was. An hour later for more wine, Danny went with him. it was sad in jail. Torrelli he lived, where they bought the wine, until it launched Torrelli. Then Danny was and fell asleep under the pines, while Ralph and Tito staggered back Avanafil Tablets reported on his escape. if Danny awoke to sunlight at noon, went into hiding during the day escape persecution. ran and Dodgeed behind the bushes. He looked out the weeds as a fox hunted. And at night, after the rules are satisfied, came and went his way. Danny was pretty straight business. He went to the back door of a restaurant. " Avanafil Cost You have all the old bread that I can give my dog," said the cook. And while the gullible man [ 7] follow-up was lunch, Danny stole two slices of bacon, four eggs, one lamb chops and a flyswatter. " I'll pay at some point," he said. "There is no need to pay for scrap. Throw them away when they do nothing. " Danny felt better about stealing then. If that's the way it felt on the surface that he was innocent. He traded Torrelli, four eggs, lamb chops, Buy Avanafil Online and brushed the fly in a glass of water Grappa in the forest to cook your dinner. The night was dark and damp. The mist was hanging like a black gauze in the pines that keep the lateral boundaries of the land of Monterrey. Danny nodded and hurried n tthat the protection of forests. Before him, made ​​another point character, , and decreases as the distance, saw the collapse of his foot Buy Avanafil to the old Pilon friend. Danny was a generous man, but recalled that he sold all his food with the exception of two slices of ham and bread bag. "I will Pilon more," Avanafil Buy he decided. "Walk like a man completely of roast turkey and all that. " , suddenly noticed that Danny Pilon took his coat Generic Avanafil with his love for his s breast. "Ai, Pilon, dude! " Danny was crying.